The transparent safety window films are manufactured in USA, they are multilaminated, with an anti-scratch protective coating.

These safety window films, with a minimum of 50 micron and a maximum of 300 microns, add to a normal glass, annealed or tempered, a performance only reachable with laminated glass.

Safety/anti-shatter window film uses a high-tenacity polyester base, completely resistant to aging.

Usually, the safety window films are transparent, and can also be mirrored to ensure an additional performance of sun protection, with capacity of reducing the incident heat (infrared radiation measured between 780 and 2.100nm) by approximately 80%.

There are countries where the application of this type of window film is mandatory in schools and kindergartens, so in the event of a glass break, there are no glass splinters, which can be extremely dangerous. 

In other countries, its use is mandatory in every glass of building's ground floors, to prevent against robberies and terrorist attacks. 

The use of safety window films is also frequently in gyms with mirrors. In this case, the window film is applied on the back of the mirrors to prevent glass splinters in the event of a glass break. 

  • Clear Security SP50 Window Film
  • Clear Security SP100 Window Film
  • Silver Security SP100 Window Film

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